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Botanical Dunes+


Botanical Dunes + The revitalization of our Dune-scape by Active Architecture

The revitalisation of the Dutch coastal Dune-scape with Active Architecture

Botanical dunes ensures a turnaround in the destruction of the Dutch Dune-scape. Active Architecture will revitalise the Dune-scape of – Natura 2000 area – Kennemerland-Zuid into wilderness. This wilderness - which is now worldwide distinguished – will be known by future generations, which will learn how landscape, nature and humanity – hence planet earth - can strengthen each other and develop together, Active Architecture stands hand in hand with nature.

The Botanical Dunes; a worldwide paradigm shift by pointing out the current state of this landscape, nature and ourselves, and revealing opportunities to turnaround the process of destruction. The landscape, ecological systems, animal and plant species will be developed into wilderness through humanity by using Active Architecture. The tables are turned and the relationship between man and nature will slowly restore. From 2050 wilderness will not be extinct anymore, future generations will know this wilderness, learn from it and know how landscape, nature and humanity can develop, strengthen each other and live together.

Botanical Dune finds its connection within the Foreshore project, which is dedicated to generate new qualitative coastal tourism. Along the entire Dutch coastal line Foreshore maps hidden potentials - similar as in the Botanical Dunes. These potentials provide opportunities for a new use of the Dutch coastline, and strengthen both the landscape, nature and the humanity. As part of Foreshore also two other projects worked out in more detail by my fellow students Sidney van Well and Niek the Calseijde, with respectively the projects Piratebay - development of new nature in the Haringvliet by mass tourism - and Oogh of Catlant - in the North Sea ammunition dumped, gets refined in the restored Oogh and forms a new tourist attraction. Foreshore reveals in detail how three very different but new types of coastal tourisms can contribute to both the natural landscape and humanity.

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