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up — Yara Alnashawati


Cool Space


(Adapting) Dutch architecture for the near future heat-waves

MA|U program
Assistance : Aura luz melis, Jan Willem van Kuilenburg , Pieter Feenstra

Cool space introduces a new typology into dutch cities to create a heat resilient world, where people can enjoy better quality in urban living, considering that the Netherlands has one of the highest urbanization levels in the world, and is expected to defy more heatwaves.

Creating shadows over the leftover spaces, covering the existing material that has been used as the city floor, or building skins. it will mitigate heat islands and create pleasant gathering areas by cooling down the air around the buildings which in turn will cool down the building interior.

Cool space is applicable everywhere, the nature and modularity of the design principles make it adaptive to its surroundings in order to reconnect people to nature in their city.

Humanity separated from its mother nature and brought into an intensive and ever-changing urban lifestyle much faster than our body can adapt to these changes. We are using a machine (body) that evolved from slow wildlife into hectic rapid urban life. As a result, in the 21st-century challenges such as depression, anxiety and obesity became very common.

I believe architecture has a big role to make here since it shapes our daily behavior and affects our connection with our surroundings (with people, light, water, animals, material, vegetation...etc) on many levels.

In this spirit, the project proposes a moment of reconnecting with nature while doing our daily routine inside the city, to have a moment to enjoy water sound on our way to work, rest under a tree during lunch break or share a book with a friend /stranger all in one place right on our doorstep.

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30 juni

Tijdens de opening van graduation show NEXT UP 2016 wordt het digitale platform van de Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Beeldend gelanceerd.