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up — Amy Niessen




How can you visualize a human connection?

Hyphens is a research into connection. Connection with myself, in someone else, between two people and within a group, each displayed with collors in a playfyull way.

The view of connection is divided into four different parts to get more grip on the depth and amount of contact that is needed to create a connection.

I start with looking into my own view on connection, wich results in a book full of drawing studies on how to visualize such an abstract concept like connection. To get a different view on it, one of the drawings has been made fyscical.

The second part focusses on how others would visualize their concept of connection. They embroideried and told their story, for me to learn about their view. I combined those in drawings, so I could really study their stories.

After that I created a tool to connect two individuals. They could choose a collor wich had a conversation starter on it. They talked about it while weaving the weaving loom in between them.

To get a group connected, I made them answer questions which are being secured by weaving thread. They had to work toghether to hold the carpet, while still being able to show their own story.

How do you connect?•How do you communicate about it?•Where are your limits and preferences?•How does a connection look like?•Where is your place in the connection?•What would you change in your connections with others?

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30 juni

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