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up — Marciano Sangoer


Living back to future


Multigenerational family-living in urban context

Living back to Future describes the question of how multigenerational family-living can become a common way of living in the Netherlands again. The changing political and social times require the population to invest in the combination of a working career and informal care. The merging of generations and life-patterns can make it possible to make the best use of time and space, which could make this combination possible. By translating foreign housing typologies into typologies for a different way of living in the Netherlands, architecture can serve as a strategy to influence the mentality of Dutch society. District 111 is a new residential environment based on Moluccan culture (as example) and the densification vision of the municipality of Eindhoven. The supervisors of this city are committed to a new identity of the city as a reflection of the current internationalization. In the design of District 111 this can be recognized as a different way of living..

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30 juni

Tijdens de opening van graduation show NEXT UP 2016 wordt het digitale platform van de Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Beeldend gelanceerd.