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up — Mariana Gusso Nickel


Memory as the uniting thread


Room no. 9, 2018

Room number 9 is a memory re-creation, but rather than that, a memory re-interpretation. From the symbology the elements carry and dialogue from, together they-re signified, working as an organism. Memory is the primary uniting thread, but every element has its influence on the other, as a system, co-dependent and integrated.
(Mixed media, 138 x 97 x 79 cm)

Symbiosis, 2018

A symbiosis is a form of interaction between distinct organisms, a very intimate relation which can make it hard to distinguish a barrier between one and another. As babies we experience our first connection through the umbilical cord, which has to be cut in order to differentiate the organisms. As we grow, the scar from this process, the belly button, is integrated by our bodies. Still, on moments of great emotional load, we tend to loosen the barriers of the self, and engage more with one another, in also very intimate and delicate relations. So what comes out of it is the result of this interaction, and cannot be addressed to only one of the parts involved. The differentiation is again needed, and it is therefore another scar to be healed, on a new integration process.
(Textiles, 56 x 56 x 11 cm)

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