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Peyman soleimani


From art cluster to living art

The existing spaces of the FHK building in Tilburg have trapped within the boundaries of the one architectural component which is called” The corridor”. Spaces and rooms are connected in a strict hierarchy and there is less room for student/ artist`s interactions. Some of the other problems with the building are

1- difficult to find the position of the academies in the building( Navigation problem).
2- There is no center to the school, (detached Garden)
3-the building needs a better connection with Tilburg and the people of the city. (separation from Tilburg).
4-Students are trapped behind the walls.
5- There is no place for Interdisciplinary education
6-Academies need more space

Thus the beginning of the project starts with the hypothesis that “Architecture could help Fontys school of art (FHK) in educating interdisciplinary artists/students by reconnecting the vital stakeholders of the school. “

By knowing all the facts and introducing the system of the 6×6 meter grid, the project begins to fill the leftover spaces of the Muzietuine ( a pocket park trapped in between the buildings of the art cluster) and turn it into an active island of interactions between different stakeholders of the FHK ( Students, teachers, employees, people of the Tilburg)

Besides the existing spaces of the FHK, the projects introduce some new spaces to be added to the buildings. These spaces are commercial spaces, International student housing, coffee areas, interior, and exterior exhibition halls, more open study areas, and different courtyard spaces.

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30 juni

Tijdens de opening van graduation show NEXT UP 2016 wordt het digitale platform van de Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Beeldend gelanceerd.