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“The world is ageing. As populations rise, and life expectancy increases, we’re seeing a demographic shift never experienced before in histo

Gradually the Dutch population is ageing, a fact which I experience every day as an inhabitant of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. For years people struggled against its effects, however, now it is time to embrace it. It is actually very positive that in general we live healthier and by that become older. As a designer I perceive strategies from the potential of people. Since I recognized a stigmatic mismatch between the social status of elderly people and their actual way of living, this became the starting point for my graduation project.

In the Netherlands alone, the population of elderly will grow a 150%, from three million now to four and a half million in 2050. So, we live longer, a phenomenon that could potentially define our future cities. A mayor upcoming demographic shift that effects our environment to such extent, will become a big challenge for the future. One will no longer build for a young society, but for multiple generations.

How will an older population develop and engage to society? The potential of elder and active society has for me been clearly stated in the movie ‘The Intern’, Wherein the main character, Robert de Niro as a widower has a ‘gab’ in his life. To overcome he joins an intern program of a young company. This stimulates his life enormously, but furthermore it gives a boost to the company through the enthusiasm and engagement of De Niro.

“Experience never gets old”

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30 juni

Tijdens de opening van graduation show NEXT UP 2016 wordt het digitale platform van de Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Beeldend gelanceerd.