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up — Veronica Della Ventura


The Historical Landscapes of Sarajevo


Sarajevo is a stratified context of urban, historical and cultural diversity. The goal of our project is to unfold history, make it visible through the power of architecture. The historical landscapes of Sarajevo is a manifesto of the city, tribute to its variegated history and an invitation to travel through time.

The project takes place on Mount Trebevic, where the abandoned bobsled track, built in 1984, runs over the forest in a rugged way, with variety of curves and heights. It is exactly in the diversity of encounters between the forest and the bobsled track that we have found the ideal locations for six interventions, each referring to a historical period.

History is diverse, but each period had certain values that we believe are important to reminisce nowadays. Those significant historical particles have been reinterpreted, adapted to a location based program and translated into space, mostly humble and intimate.
The ambition is to design an experience that resonates emotionally with visitors, but still open to interpretations.

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30 juni

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