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The Rebirth of Paradise


A Systematic approach to anticipate the sea-level rise challenge and benefit from it to improve Alexandria’s habitable landscape

“The Rebirth of Paradise” is a protective system around the historical city centre of Alexandria, Egypt, The proposed system not only shields the city against floods and stormwater; it provides social and environmental benefits to the community and improved public realm.
The project is more than a protection system, it’s an integrated, interlocking, and connected system of nature-based solutions interwoven throughout the urban fabric, which is the quintessential Alexandria.

It is about utilizing the urgently needed flood management infrastructure, to accommodate and combine new means of social infrastructure, in a very integrated manner. Thus, the park would be providing flood protection for the communities along the waterfront and the south-side spine facing the Nile delta, which could become a communal, cultural and active use of space.

So next time when you move along the coast, you won’t sense an incarcerated city, but a re-birthed city; so that even when the next flood crashes, it’s going to remain a lively place with a beautiful and safe environment.
lovely enough to walk across its coastline without the fear of getting caught up by cars or waves. lovely enough so the pressure of having to deal with the turmoil and devastation that comes with the waterflood can be forgotten.

Alexandria will be back a paradise in the eyes of its inhabitants, and a warm breeze of fresh air, rather than a place at constant risk. They will no longer look at the sea as a meaning of danger but as the essence of the city that brings them calmness and peacefulness, today, and every day.

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