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up — Dennis Burger




The Vinex-suburb that turned into a city

The Vinex-suburb is a structure that can be used as a framework for densification. Therefore the present housing task, where space has to be found for 1 000 000 housing units will be solved within the Vinex-suburb.

Trough densification and self-organization Leidsche Rijn will turn into a high quality urban environment. This will be the city where inhabitants are actively involved in the development of their environment. The possibilities Leidsche Rijn has to offer will ensure a responsive living environment for all

To enable this transformation a new development process is introduced.
This process connects individual freedom with common interest, this ensures transformation in a sustainable fashion.
Requirements for development are:
a.) detachment of the power grid
b.) storage/usage/infiltration of rainwater on private lot
c.) hire a designer to safeguard quality
d.) communicate plans with neighborhood for consensus.

The effects of this approach reach beyond the the city.
In the case of Leidsche Rijn, Rijnenburg will be saved from becoming sub-urbanized, and the scenic qualities of 'Het Groene Hart' will remain intact.
This project contributes to the national energy transition of existing buildings trough incentivizing going off grid with development possibilities.
The process anticipates on a further retreat of government from spatial planing.

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